W.B. Goodnow Agency History

The W. B. Goodnow Agency, Inc. was founded in 1930 by Warren B. Goodnow. The agency's first office was located in Warren's home on Maple Street in Winthrop where it remained in service through the Ice Storm of 1943, until it was finally relocated to a separate office in 1956. Agency and family members have also been actively involved in the local area and community affairs. Warren also served for several years as president of the Brasher-Stockholm (later St. Lawrence Central) school board.

Warren's son, Warren C. Goodnow, began working in the agency after he returned home from World War II. He took over the agency in 1951. Warren C. and his wife Gwendolyn saw the agency through two location changes during their tenure which ended when the agency moved to its current location at 1 Cemetery Street in Winthrop. They still fondly recall their sense of pride when St. Lawrence Central School opened in 1953 and the fun they had at the Tri-Town Winter Carnivals throughout the years.

A new era in the Goodnow Agency began in 1974 when Warren C. and Gwen retired and their son Warren took over the reins. In his 35 years, Warren also saw many events take place including the building of the Tri-Town Community Center and the 1998 Ice Storm. During one of the worst natural disasters in recent North Country history, his son Mark also got his first taste of the business and the importance of assisting customers in time of need as he helped his father report losses from the month-long storm that created long-term devastation. In 2002, Mark joined his father in the operation until Warren retired. In 2007, Mark became the fourth generation of the Goodnow family to serve the insurance needs of North Country customers at the W.B. Goodnow Agency, Inc.